Where does the name Linda’s Lookout come from?

linda caswell

Climb all the way to the top of the PRKR trails and you will come to a beautiful spot called Linda’s Lookout. There you will enjoy a beautiful vista looking east towards Whitefield. This spot is named after the matriarch of the Caswell family, Linda Caswell. Linda used to enjoy a nice hike from their home on top of Manns Hill to the lookout quite often. Linda passed away a little more than a year ago, her presence is still floating in the cool breeze.

Welcome the Summer Season on PRKR

Its been a while since we have taken the time for creating a post on our site, but the hands have been busy working on the trails! Blake Roberts, Brad Shedd, and Danny Del Re our crew of trailbuilders have been super busy since the snow melted away. Our goal this season was to make our lower trails more beginner and intermediate friendly, and thanks to a grant from a collaborative organization “The Borderlands” of which we are a member, we have spent over $8000 so far on our trails and the results are impressive. Reservoir Rd, and Orange Trail have been transformed into a smooth wide flowy trail all by hand! During the month of July they will be transforming Rock N Roll and Homegrown not quite as “deboned” as Orange but significantly more friendly.  So grab your bike or your sneakers and go check out their progress! If you like it, tell us or share your pictures with us on our facebook page or instagram. If you really like them, maybe you would consider donating to the cause, find the donation page on the main menu.


Freshly Groomed Singletrack

This certainly has been a winter of ups and downs, but all in all the fatbiking has been pretty decent. Last night Mother Nature blessed is with a few inches of powder and with more on the way Sunday, I figured it would be nice to groom it this morning and fill in any divots from shoes, deer, dogs, etc. I got the rokon out around 8 am and by 10 had about 5 miles all groomed and ready for the weekend. There are some icy spots so I do suggest studded fatbike tires. If you’ve never tried fatbiking, you should, the snow fills in the Trails and they are easier and faster to ride! Don’t forget about our Fatbike Poker Run on Sunday February 18th. If you’d like to rent a fatbike, go to Littleton Bike & Fitness they have a full stable of them, all studded up and ready to ride

Put away your skis and grab your fatbike!

Mother Nature threw us a curve ball this week as she usually does sometime in January. Where just a week ago we had 10″ of fluffy dry snow and were trying to figure out how to groom it, the other day she fixed that and dumped 2″ of rain on us and then froze it all into a giant snow cone! My wife and I took a the dogs out this morning to check the trail conditions, it was a chilly 5’f but sunny, we were greeted with wonderful solid conditions on all trails that had some previous grooming. So grab your fatbike and get some riding in, you never know when it will swing the other way.

NH Magazine Article

You may recall a blog post in the early spring “Praying For Snow”. Well that article just came out in January’s issue of NH Magazine. Snow Bond story  . It’s a well written story with a good bit of humor mixed in. Jay Atkinson the author is back up this week and has an idea for another story, we’ll see what he comes up with.

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

This week brought northern New Hampshire it’s first significant snow storm. PRKR got about 6 inches of dry fluffy stuff, not the best for a base but we’ll take it.  Dave Harkless got out yesterday with the Rokon and groomed about 4 miles of trails. While it may be soft for a bit the forecast is for moderating temperatures early next week which should help it set up to make for fun riding.

As we roll into winter riding, we should go over proper Fatbiking  etiquette so everyone has a fun time:

  • Allow the trails to set up after grooming
  • Use a 4″ or larger tire, studs are not necessary but are helpful in icy conditions
  • Run less than 10# of pressure in your tires, it helps to minimize rutting
  • Don’t leave a rut!! If it’s too warm and the trail is soft get off and do something else
  • If you can’t ride up a hill and have to get off and walk, walk on the side of the trail
  • Yield to other trail users; skiers, snowshoers, walkers etc. and always be friendly
  • Support grooming efforts by donating to PRKR

Ready or Not, Here Comes Winter!

Well, October was so warm and wonderful riding weather, it seems winter has snuck up on us! Yesterday I was able to skip out of work for an hour and ride with a buddy who was home for the holidays, it was warm enough to ride in shorts on Thanksgiving weekend! This morning I wake up and it’s snowing, showing us that winter is indeed inevitably coming. This has been a busy year for PRKR MTN Trails,  we have achieved much:

  • Built a Parking lot at the end of school
  • Built one of the largest pump tracks in NH
  • Built this website
  • Uploaded our trail system onto Trailforks website and app.
Our New Pumptrack

This winter we are aiming to groom at least 6 miles of trails on PRKR for Fatbiking and another 5 or so for cross country skiing (the double tracks). We are going to try grooming the pumptrack for a little winter fun also! This is all done with a lot of volunteer work but still costs money and your help would be very much appreciated. Click Here to Help

Official Opening of the Pump Track

It’s been a busy summer up on the PRKR MTN trail system. Our goal was to complete a new parking area and build a very large pump track, and with the help of a bunch of volunteers and some professional help we were able to achieve both goals!! Join us Sunday September 10th from 1-3pm for the official opening of our new pump track. We will have food, beverages, music, demos and clinics from skilled riders teaching us all how to ride a pump track!! Bring your friends, family and bikes !

YO! Trails are OPEN

Just a quick post to let folks know that PRKR MTN is open for the Spring season! I will post some pics in the next few days, but the crew has been out taking care of blowdowns and other trail issues this past week. The trails up top are still a bit soft but, Rock n Roll, Gardners, Tin Can Alley, Winds n Pines, Orange, Home Grown, Charmel, Moss, etc are all in decent shape. Go Ride!


Praying for snow in April?


So I get a call earlier in the week from a journalist from Boston, he had pitched doing a story on FatBiking and some other winter activities to a magazine back in January, apparently they decided just this week that his story line idea was a good one and wanted him write the article. Only one problem, spring was finally coming to the Littleton area and things were thawing out fast. He wanted to go FatBiking on PRKR MTN with his co-writers and a photographer this Saturday April 7th! Each day this past week I would get up and take my dogs for a quick ride in the morning on the PRKR trails and it was quickly becoming mushy and rutted as the week went on. He really needed there to be full snow coverage for his “winter” pictures, and he needed it firm enough to ride.  Fortunately there was a glimmer of hope, the weather was calling for temps to dip below freezing Friday night and a chance of light snow. I let them know and they decided to go for it. So there I was, a bike shop owner getting a text at 9:30 at night saying he was “praying for snow” and I was nodding my head in agreement. This morning I woke up a bit before 7 and looked out to see a fresh blanket of white on the ground, not much but it was white. I quickly grabbed some coffee, loaded up my Rokon groomer in the van and headed to my bike shop to meet them. Always a bit of a showman, I told them I would groom short loop for them to ride so it would look nicely manicured in the pictures. Off we went to the end of School st, I groomed and they rode and they got plenty of material for their article. Their prayers were answered and they had fun and one of them was pretty happy it was April, because he fell off a bridge into the Palmer Brook! I will ink the the article when it comes out next winter. Cheers… Dave

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