NEW Maps!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve got new trail maps! With the help of Borderlands, The Center for Community GIS and our supportive local businesses we have a new digital map, showcasing winter and summer trails and printed maps – available at all of the supportive local businesses with ads. Pick one up at your favorite local business. Suggested donation of $5.

Ride With Gratitude

Take a look at this really great campaign we worked on with Bike Borderlands. Make sure to ride with gratitude while you’re out on the trails. Stop by Littleton Bike & Fitness and grab a sticker or some Ride With Gratitude socks!

COVID-19 Update

A COVID-19 update from the Borderlands Team:

During this time, we ask that you wait until the pandemic has passed to travel to Borderlands destinations. Our trails will still be here, and we’ll be eager to welcome you back when it’s safe for everyone. 🌅

Read the full update here:

We will be planning a series of trail work days for PRKR MTN once it is safe to do so.

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Trail Work Day – 6/2/19

Trail work was focused mainly on two areas on Winds and Pines though trimming and clipping was done in a couple of other areas.

3 culverts were installed at the very wet, muddy area at the bottom of the new section of trail just before crossing the bridge over Palmer Brook.

Multiple large rocks and roots were removed from an area just after climbing the new section of trail where the trail traverses but then dropped into a “rock garden” followed by an off-camber narrow climb back out. On the climb, that section was “benched” and widened after removing the rocks and roots. This particular area was a big problem during the winter while grooming. There was always the risk that the equipment and the operator would slide down the edge of the embankment. There was also a risk, in particular, to inexperienced riders, that a pedal would hit one of these obstacles, and the same thing happen.

Thanks to all the volunteers that joined us. Keep an eye on Facebook for our next trail work day.

Winter’s Last Gasp

As we roll into April, and the coming end of the Fatbiking season, we want to thank all of our supporters.  This past winter had some of the best conditions ever,  our purchase of the Snow Dog and Scott Grahams efforts with his wonderfully restored 72′ Elan provided excellent terrain to play on. Our efforts to keep postholers and people from using the trails when it was too warm were fairly successful. We are done grooming now, you may still get some days when it is firm enough to ride but we wont be posting conditions until it is suitable for regular mountain biking.

Mark your calendar for May 19th when the Tour De Borderlands swings through Littleton. More details to come soon…

Winter Trail Etiquette

Let’s have a little chat about proper trail etiquette in the winter shall we. This topic has created heated discussions many times recently and will probably continue until spring. Why do we need to practice trail etiquette? Well, if we don’t we wont have near as much fun on the trails in the winter. On the PRKR Trail system many volunteer hours are spent grooming the trails so they can be used by Fatbikers, Snowshoers, and XC Skiers. But there are a certain few out there that think the groomed trails are perfect for walking or running on without snowshoes.


Yup, that picture about sums it up, one walker or runner can wreck many hours work. So what is proper etiquette?

If your riding a Fatbike your tires should be 3.8″ or larger and your tire pressure should be less than 10# (usually we ride around 5#) and when you ride you should not be leaving a rut deeper than 1″. If you are leaving a rut, let air out, if that doesn’t help, you should get off the trails. IF you can’t make it up a steep hill, walk off to the side of the trail.

If your skiing you should not be leaving a track deeper than an inch or so.

If you snowshoeing and the trails haven’t been groomed yet from a fresh snowstorm? THANK YOU! You are helping us. If they have been groomed so long as the temps are around 32′ or below you will be fine and thank you for wearing them.

If you a walking with bare shoes and are leaving any kind of rut, please don’t go on the groomed trails. go walk the Pinehill trails or Elm St or maybe visit the Dells park which isn’t groomed.

If you see a barrier up like the red tape in the above photo, please respect the decision of the volunteers and stay off the trails until the temperatures drop enough for the snow to set up again.

There we go, Happy Trails Everyone!


Holy Sh*t Fatbiking is Fun!!


Have you tried FatBiking yet? If you have, you know how much fun it is. If you haven’t you should, because its mountain biking on groomed trails and its really fun. For one thing the trails are way less technical,  the snow covers most rocks, roots and other technical features. Which allows you to ride faster than when they are bare. This past Sunday 2/10/19 my wife Melanie, myself and our friend Mike climbed to Linda’s lookout thanks to the grooming efforts of Scott Graham extending our terrain up to that point.

Well, after that pretty long climb, we got our reward, a super fun ride down On Belay, to 1600 then the rest of the way down Gardners trail. We were screaming like the Geico pig all the way down!

This coming Sunday is our third annual Poker Ride  come out and have a great time and enjoy the trails!




Happy Holidays


Just a quick post to wish all our friends who enjoy the PRKR trail system a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We started off our fatbiking season early this year and had a very white Thanksgiving,  now as of today we are headed towards a fairly green Christmas.  But have no fear mother nature will whiten things up soon enough and we will be back in business.

Many of you have enjoyed our annual winter event the PRKR Poker Ride and have been asking if we will do it again. Yes, we have it scheduled for February 17,2019. It will be on Bike Reg very soon.

PRKR accomplished many things in 2018, foremost was the significant trail work Blake Roberts and his crew from Real Life Adventures did making our lower trails less technical. Orange Trail went from challenging to beginner friendly. Homegrown, Rock n Roll, Charmel and Winds n Pines also got deboned quite a bit and are much more flowy and fun to ride for beginner and intermediate riders. That was over $17,000 worth of work!

This winter we are grooming more trails than ever. We have plans to open the doubletracks of Elm St. , T95, T93 and Main St up for cross country skiing! We also have additional groomers to help with the Fatbike Singletracks! We should have 8 miles of singletracks groomed all winter. Keep and eye on our Facebook Page for current conditions.

End of the Year Donation

We would really appreciate any financial help you could provide. Over 90% of our donations go directly into trail work and maintenance! Click this button to easily donate $25 Thanks!!




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