The Trails: PRKR MTN Trails is a 22 mile network of handbuilt community-driven mountain bike, hiking, skiing, and running trails in Littleton, New Hampshire. While the primary use of the trail network is mountain biking, it is designed and operated in a way that welcomes all types of uses, including trail running, hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, and hunting.  The total current mileage as of 2018 is 23 miles with a total system acreage of over 1,000 acres.

Parking: We have a parking lot and trailhead located at the end of School St. Littleton NH.

Winter: During the winter, we have a small team of volunteers who use a variety of equipment to groom trails for fat-biking, which has been very popular.  PRKR now is able to claim the most groomed single-track fat-biking available in New Hampshire, making it a truly year-round operation. 

Mission: PRKR MTN Trails, Inc., is a nonprofit organization with the mission of providing a community-based, professionally maintained multi-use trails for residents and visitors to the Littleton area. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and we regularly hold fundraising events and apply for grants to allow us to maintain and grow.

Improvements: In 2017, we worked with the Town and other volunteers to build a large pumptrack for riders to hone their skills, and to install new trailhead parking just outside of town at the top of School Street.  This summer, our crew is out on the trails working to increase the accessibility of the lower loop trails by decreasing the difficultly, enabling riders of all skill levels to enjoy them, even first-timers.  We also hope to begin work on the first new trails in two years, which will be primarily built with beginners in mind.

Community: PRKR’s success is rooted in community partnerships.  We do not charge any fee for use of the trail network, staying true to our mission of truly community-based trails. We are very aware of the benefit our trail network can bring to local merchants and small businesses and we actively seek to partner with those organizations whose mission and motivations match our own.  Beyond fundraising, PRKR regularly participates in community events, uses its social media presence to promote and celebrate the community where we are located.

Growing Littleton as a community, that truly represents a place where people want to live and work, is a central component to our philosophy.  These trails bring out the best in people and highlight what it means live a North Country lifestyle in New Hampshire. 

Board/Management: The chair of PRKR MTN Trail’s board is Taylor Caswell, whose family is also a primary landowner of the network.  A few other local residents and business owners make up the rest of the board and Blake Roberts, of Real Life Adventures LLC, is the network manager.  

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