Trail Work Day – 6/2/19

Trail work was focused mainly on two areas on Winds and Pines though trimming and clipping was done in a couple of other areas.

3 culverts were installed at the very wet, muddy area at the bottom of the new section of trail just before crossing the bridge over Palmer Brook.

Multiple large rocks and roots were removed from an area just after climbing the new section of trail where the trail traverses but then dropped into a “rock garden” followed by an off-camber narrow climb back out. On the climb, that section was “benched” and widened after removing the rocks and roots. This particular area was a big problem during the winter while grooming. There was always the risk that the equipment and the operator would slide down the edge of the embankment. There was also a risk, in particular, to inexperienced riders, that a pedal would hit one of these obstacles, and the same thing happen.

Thanks to all the volunteers that joined us. Keep an eye on Facebook for our next trail work day.

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