Winter Trail Etiquette

Let’s have a little chat about proper trail etiquette in the winter shall we. This topic has created heated discussions many times recently and will probably continue until spring. Why do we need to practice trail etiquette? Well, if we don’t we wont have near as much fun on the trails in the winter. On the PRKR Trail system many volunteer hours are spent grooming the trails so they can be used by Fatbikers, Snowshoers, and XC Skiers. But there are a certain few out there that think the groomed trails are perfect for walking or running on without snowshoes.


Yup, that picture about sums it up, one walker or runner can wreck many hours work. So what is proper etiquette?

If your riding a Fatbike your tires should be 3.8″ or larger and your tire pressure should be less than 10# (usually we ride around 5#) and when you ride you should not be leaving a rut deeper than 1″. If you are leaving a rut, let air out, if that doesn’t help, you should get off the trails. IF you can’t make it up a steep hill, walk off to the side of the trail.

If your skiing you should not be leaving a track deeper than an inch or so.

If you snowshoeing and the trails haven’t been groomed yet from a fresh snowstorm? THANK YOU! You are helping us. If they have been groomed so long as the temps are around 32′ or below you will be fine and thank you for wearing them.

If you a walking with bare shoes and are leaving any kind of rut, please don’t go on the groomed trails. go walk the Pinehill trails or Elm St or maybe visit the Dells park which isn’t groomed.

If you see a barrier up like the red tape in the above photo, please respect the decision of the volunteers and stay off the trails until the temperatures drop enough for the snow to set up again.

There we go, Happy Trails Everyone!


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