Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

This week brought northern New Hampshire it’s first significant snow storm. PRKR got about 6 inches of dry fluffy stuff, not the best for a base but we’ll take it.  Dave Harkless got out yesterday with the Rokon and groomed about 4 miles of trails. While it may be soft for a bit the forecast is for moderating temperatures early next week which should help it set up to make for fun riding.

As we roll into winter riding, we should go over proper Fatbiking  etiquette so everyone has a fun time:

  • Allow the trails to set up after grooming
  • Use a 4″ or larger tire, studs are not necessary but are helpful in icy conditions
  • Run less than 10# of pressure in your tires, it helps to minimize rutting
  • Don’t leave a rut!! If it’s too warm and the trail is soft get off and do something else
  • If you can’t ride up a hill and have to get off and walk, walk on the side of the trail
  • Yield to other trail users; skiers, snowshoers, walkers etc. and always be friendly
  • Support grooming efforts by donating to PRKR

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