Praying for snow in April?


So I get a call earlier in the week from a journalist from Boston, he had pitched doing a story on FatBiking and some other winter activities to a magazine back in January, apparently they decided just this week that his story line idea was a good one and wanted him write the article. Only one problem, spring was finally coming to the Littleton area and things were thawing out fast. He wanted to go FatBiking on PRKR MTN with his co-writers and a photographer this Saturday April 7th! Each day this past week I would get up and take my dogs for a quick ride in the morning on the PRKR trails and it was quickly becoming mushy and rutted as the week went on. He really needed there to be full snow coverage for his “winter” pictures, and he needed it firm enough to ride. ¬†Fortunately there was a glimmer of hope, the weather was calling for temps to dip below freezing Friday night and a chance of light snow. I let them know and they decided to go for it. So there I was, a bike shop owner getting a text at 9:30 at night saying he was “praying for snow” and I was nodding my head in agreement. This morning I woke up a bit before 7 and looked out to see a fresh blanket of white on the ground, not much but it was white. I quickly grabbed some coffee, loaded up my Rokon groomer in the van and headed to my bike shop to meet them. Always a bit of a showman, I told them I would groom short loop for them to ride so it would look nicely manicured in the pictures. Off we went to the end of School st, I groomed and they rode and they got plenty of material for their article. Their prayers were answered and they had fun and one of them was pretty happy it was April, because he fell off a bridge into the Palmer Brook! I will ink the the article when it comes out next winter. Cheers… Dave

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