It’s Supposed To Be Spring?!

Here it is April 4th and I just finished a nice Fatbike ride before work.  Normally it is not uncommon for our trails to be free of snow and rideable by the beginning of April, not this year. April came in with a vengeance and dumped another 5-6″ of fresh heavy snow ontop of what was already there. Temperatures over the weekend and busy schedules didn’t allow me to get out and groom, but a few persistent souls got out and rolled around the lower trails on PRKR and made them rideable. This morning it was crisp and in the twenties so the trails were set up nice a firm. A few ruts here and there but definitely doable. So while we wait for mother nature to give us the big thaw and get us back on track for spring, I suggest if you want to ride PRKR stick to your Fatbike and ride in the morning when the trails are firm. Who knows if we get another storm I might get out and groom one last time!


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